Four and a half years later, I’m finally done with my undergraduate. About fucking time eh?! So, next? Well, I packed the past four years of my life into two suitcases again, sold everything else I could, donated the rest, and decided to go spend New Years Eve with my sister in Montreal. Turns out, however, the only available flight was at night on the 31st of December. I took it, knowing there was the possibility of delays or even cancellations due to weather conditions. And yes, with my luck, my flight was delayed by 2 and a half hours. Ofcourse it was snowing pretty hard that day – in Montreal and in Fredericton. 

I bought tickets to this NYE party in Montreal, so I was determined to make it there well before the countdown. The only reason I wasn’t freaking out was because the baggage claim lady was SO kind – she let me take two overweight baggage for free. It would have cost me an extra  $200 if it were anyone else behind the counter.

AIRPORT TIP: Always, always, ALWAYS be as nice as possible to the check-in counter people!  They often pounce on the opportunity to be able talk to you about something other than your baggage if you try, so let them get to know you a bit. Talk to them, smile at them, make them feel good. You never know what they might let you get away with!

Anyway, I made it in time for the party and everything, and spent the next 12 days in this beautiful city – exploring, meeting people and spending time with my younger sister. This is Montreal through my lens. 

Montréal en 3D